Truck Driver Jackknifing Accidents

Jul 17

Although jackknifing accidents can seem to be larger than life, often the subject of horrific accident videos captured and shared on the Internet, the consequences and damages caused in jackknifing accidents are all too real. Jackknifing accidents are a major cause of multiple-vehicle accidents on roadways.

According to the website of Iowa accident attorneys, truck drivers do assume greater responsibility while on the road because should an accident occur, the damages can be far more serious than just a passenger vehicle accident. In the case of jackknife accidents, the cause can be either driver negligence or due to a manufacturing problem of a part of the truck.

Driver negligence can involve errors in judgment such as speeding, over acceleration, over braking, and driver errors like slow reaction times or panic. These are often combined with specific conditions that can serve as a catalyst for jackknifing accidents. These kinds of accidents are frequently associated with light load size and poor driving conditions such as slippery roads and rain. Unfortunately, these errors made by truck drivers have the potential to cause severe damage and injury to others on the road, as pointed out on the website of Pohl Berk LLP.

Jackknifing can also be caused by problems out of the truck driver’s control. Accidents can also be caused by malfunctions in mechanics of the semi-truck. Issues with brakes are a major mechanical cause.

When these conditions are combined, they can easily produce a jackknife accident. The brakes on the truck can lock when rapidly approaching areas of slippery road, and when the truck crosses the area, although the truck itself attempts to brake or stop, the trailer’s momentum still propels it forward, and causes it to swing out to the side. After these types of accidents occur, it is always the responsibility of the plaintiff to prove driver negligence, should they think the driver of the jackknifed truck is to blame for the damages done.

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